Educational Games

Gaming in education can provide unique opportunities for powerful learning, if implemented well. Students are often asked to think intuitively, to comprehend long passages of text to master intricate tasks, and to solve real world issues, among several skills. Educational games also provide opportunities for students to collaborate with others and communicate about ways to meet challenges.
The links provided below fit into two categories: (1) programmable games that you can use to fit any subject or situation and (2) programmed games that meet specific topics or subject areas. All are worth a look:
Customize These Games For Your Classroom:

Arcade Game Generator - Create review games with this tool from from Great resource for interactive white boards.

Board Game - From Make a classic board game for your classes. Good for review games. Playable online or downloadable.

Hangman - A Flash-based interactive Hangman site from Easy and fun. Good for review.

Jeopardy! For the Classroom - From Based on the popular game show, this is a great, Flash-based game for creating review games with your students. Playable online or downloadable.

Sharendipity - Build your own educational games. Deploy them in your classroom.

Speed Match - From A matching game with a timer. Students can test themselves in quick review challenges. Playable online or downloadable.

‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ For the Classroom - From Based on the popular game show, this is Flash-based game would make a good review game in your classroom. Playable online or downloadable.

Games Ready For Your Classroom:

NPR's Mind/Shift blog offers insight into games designed for the Civics classroom in their article "Video Games That Bring Civics Class to Life". The iCivics site, launched in part by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, is one of the games discussed.

BBC Instructional Games - From the British Broadcasting Corporation. Role-playing games for ancient history, archaeology, world wars, and British history.

BrainPop is a pay site with a free trial. Use educational games across many subjects and with many grade levels. Most games are aligned with educational standards, which are searchable by standard, state/province, and grade level.

DimensionU makes engaging and interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core skills and objectives that align to the Common Core, State standards and classroom instruction.

Educational Freeware - A web portal offering links to many educational games and learning software.

FreeRice - Test your skills in geography, languages, art, math, and chemistry! Here’s the cool part: for each question you answer correctly, this website donates 10 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program to fight hunger in poor parts of the world. Recommended ages: middle school and high school students.

FunBrain - Educational games galore. Games for many subjects and all ages.

Kodu - Introduce students to programming and creating.

Manga High- This site offers a wealth of game-based learning resources in mathematics.

Minecraft - The creative and building aspects of Minecraft allow players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D-generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat. United Nations Habitat recently partnered with Minecraft developers to motivate urban planners to assist in the re-design of more than 300 public spaces.

Money Island: A Financial Literacy Virtual World - Teach students about money and how the economy works.

My American Farm - From the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, this project teaches agricultural literacy to consumers and the public through an interactive computer game. Players learn where food comes from and how those products get from the farm to their dinner plate. My American Farm is an online educational game that lets students learn about agriculture while having fun.

Seterra - A challenging educational geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia, using outline map exercises. Free and easy to download. Great for all ages.

Vocabulary Can Be Fun! - This word game website helps to build English vocabulary with fun practice activities for K-12 students. There are games for learning analogies, syllables, parts of speech, and much more. A good site.

WolfQuestis a 3D wildlife simulation video game developed by the Minnesota Zoo and game developer company Eduweb. The game's main purpose is to help players understand wolves and the roles they play in nature by being virtually incarnated as a gray wolf themselves. WolfQuest challenges players to learn about wolf ecology by living the life of a wild wolf in Yellowstone National Park and is a fun, educational game for people of all ages.

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