Time-Savers and Ed-Helpers

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This collection of links is a "catch-all" of gadgets and gizmos that can be used to make life easier in the classroom. We provide ways to edit photos and print posters for classroom wall art, converters for help with temperatures and currency, and a few productivity "ed-helpers" to help you or your students organize your online projects.

Consider the links below:

BeFunky - A free site that provides “simple but innovative tools to turn ordinary digital photos into incredible artwork and designs that defy imagination.”

Bloglines - A web-based news aggregator for reading syndicated feeds using the RSS and Atom formats.

Block Posters - Create a wall poster from a digital image. Print and tape or paste your poster together for a quick and easy piece of art. Very cool site.

ChartGo - Create a graph online quickly. Create bar graphs, line graphs or pie charts. Simply choose your settings, paste your data in the Chart data area and hit the create button.

daFont - More than 10,000 free fonts to download and install.

Dictionary of Numbers - An award-winning Google Chrome extension that tries to make sense of numbers you encounter on the web by giving you a description of that number in human terms. From the creators: "Because 8 million people means nothing, but population of New York City means everything." For now, this tool only works with Google Chrome.

DropBox - A free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again.

Instapaper - Save long web pages to read later, when you have time, on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle. A good resource for finding, saving, and later accessing news articles, websites, blog posts, and more.

JumpScan - Create your own custom QR codes.

LiveBinders- A "3-ring binder for the web." Create an online binder for content curation. Drop resources into the binder for easy access later.

Loopster - A free online video editor.

Mindmeister - Mind-mapping software that allows users to visualize their thinking. Create, share and collaboratively work on mind maps. Includes apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

PD Photo - Thousands of royalty free, public domain, stock photos.

PDF to Word Converter - A free tool that allows you to quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files, making it a cinch to re-use PDF content in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect.

PlanBoard is an online lesson planner made for teachers. Create, share, and manage lesson plans with simple and easy to use lesson plan templates.

Preceden - A online timeline maker that has helped more than 20,000 people just like you make beautiful, interactive timelines.

Quizlet - Create and share flashcards online. Review material before tests from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Schoology - "Schoology is the ultimate way to manage lessons, engage students, share content, and connect with other educators."

Smush.it - From Yahoo! An image editing tool that promises the image will be optimized without changing their look or visual quality.

StudyBlue- Make, study and share online flashcards, study guides and quizzes. Anytime. Anywhere.

Temperature Converter - Easily convert temperatures to and from Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Time Ticker - An interactive site that shows time zones around the world, major cities and parts of nations that fall into each, and a repetitive ticking noise that you can mute.

Tom’s Inflation Calculator - Gauges U.S. inflation over time. How much would $1.00 in 1950 be worth in 2010? Use this simple calculator to find out.

Universal Currency Converter - Contains the top-85 currencies.

Useful Charts - Pre-made charts and graphs for many subjects and disciplines.

Urlist - A wonderful presentation tool, especially if you teach with a lot of open tabs. Urlist is a collaboration tool to collect, organize and share lists of links in what is best described as a "book form." No need to click on multiple tabs any longer. Just organize your presentation how you see fit.

Wordle - A great tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. You might use it across many subjects as conversation starters or as lesson openers or as reflection/summary activities.

World Population Counter - From SuperTeacherTools.com. This site pulls world population data from the US Census Bureau and displays it in the form of a split-flap counter. It automatically updates every 10 seconds.

Zamzar - A free online file converter.

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